What type of accommodations are provided?
  • Accommodations during WYD vary based on availability.
  • Generally speaking, parishes, gyms, schools, and host families will provide accommodations to the pilgrims.
  • There is a possibility that one same group may be put in different types of accommodations.
Are families and accommodations being checked to make sure they are safe for our pilgrims?
  • The government has implemented a screening process for each family and accommodation site that has volunteered to host pilgrims. The government will also have a list that will help keep track of where each pilgrim is staying.
  • It is of the country’s top priority to ensure that pilgrims feel safe wherever they may be staying.
Is breakfast provided by the families?
  • It is optional for the host families to provide breakfast.
How will water be supplied to the pilgrims?
  • Water-bottle-filling stations will be scattered throughout the city.
• What can I expect in terms of accommodation if I am assigned to stay at a school or a gym?
  • Exact information is not yet available from the organizers, except that groups will be assigned to a near-by parish where breakfast can be picked up.
  • However, based on previous experience, it is likely that pilgrims will be sleeping on classroom or gymnasium floors. Therefore, it is recommended that pilgrims bring a light mattress and/or a sleeping bag with them.
How will you accommodate pilgrims with allergies?
  • During the registration process, pilgrims are asked to name any allergies in the comments sections, so that these allergies may be accommodated.
How do I get around the city?
  • Public transportation will be your best way to get around the city, seeing as automobile access will be limited to certain areas during WYD.
  • The city of Panama is currently negotiating a pass that will give pilgrims access to the city busses, as well as two metro lines.
  • The price for this pass, however, is still not determined and may incur a slight increase in the registration fee.
What is the minimum age to register?
Though the Panama 2019 website indicates 15 as the minimum age of registration, it has been decided that Canadian participants must be at least 18 years old to participate in World Youth Day. Click here for more details.
What if I have other pilgrims that would like to join our group?
  • Once the group is registered, more pilgrims may be added to the group at a later time.
When is the full payment due for registering groups?
  • Groups that make the payment before July 31st (in one instalment) will receive, a 10% discount from the full package amount (10 % off $250)
  • The registration will be open until January 17th, 2019
What is included in the pilgrim’s package?
  • Please click here to consult the document enlisting all inclusions for each package.
  • Meals will be provided via meal tickets, where each pilgrim will be able to choose the restaurant or place to redeem the ticket with the chosen meal (Restaurants like McDonald, KFC, Burger King etc., participating restaurants only)
• How safe is it for pilgrims to walk the streets during night? Will there be a bigger presence of police?
  • Panama is a safe city, however there is crime like anywhere else in the world. Though the government is preparing a strong police force to ensure the safety of all pilgrims, walking throughout the night is strongly discouraged. That being said, if necessary, walk in bigger groups, but never alone.