Lisbon 2023


«Mary arose and went with haste» (Lk 1:39) is the bible quote chosen by Pope Francis as the motto of the XXVIII World Youth Day that will be held for the first time in the capital city of Lisbon, Portugal. The biblical phrase (a quote from the Gospel of St. Luke) opens the account of the Visitation (Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth), a biblical episode following the Annunciation (the angel’s announcement to Mary that she would be the mother of the Son of God, and the theme of the last WYD, in Panama).

Official theme song


The logo of the WYD Lisbon 2023, inspired on the theme “Mary arose and went with haste” (Lc1, 39), has got the Cross as a main element. This is crossed by a path where the Holy Spirit arises.

It is an invitation for the young people so that they do not stand still and asking them to be the main characters in building a fairer and more fraternal world, explains the author, the young portuguese designer Beatriz Roque Antunes.

The colours (green, red, and yellow) evoke the Portuguese flag.

Lisbon, the Portuguese capital