Main Events are the most important meetings of World Youth Day;
during these events, all of the young pilgrims will experience a great
celebration of faith together!

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World Youth Day officially begins with the Opening Ceremony, the highlight of which is the Mass presided by the diocesan
bishop hosting WYD.

Usually held Tuesday

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A festival that aims to unites young people around the world through a religious, artistic and cultural program takes place in the afternoons and evenings during the three days of catechesis, except during the Main Events. This aspect of WYD gives pilgrims an opportunity to participate in concerts, exhibitions, workshops, sporting events, theatre events and many others. The Youth Festival is prepared for pilgrims, by pilgrims. Everyone has the opportunity to participate not only as a spectator but also as an artist or organizer.

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Catechesis is preached in different languages usually by bishops from around the world who help pilgrims deeping the theme of WYD.  Catechesis sessions traditionally takes places from the Wednesday to Friday of WYD across the city in churches and other chosen venues to ensure that all young people can participate.

During Catecheses, pilgrims will be able to take advantage of the sacrament of penance and reconciliation. All Catecheses will end with the Eucharist.

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The first meeting, or Welcoming Ceremony, with the Holy Father is an important moment of WYD: a time of special joy on the occasion of the presence of the Vicar of Christ and our chance to pray together with him. During this service, pilgrims will listen to the Word of God and to the first address of the Holy Father.

 Welcome celebration usually last approximately 1.5 hrs.

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The Way of the Cross will take place on Friday, during which the youth, connecting spiritually with the suffering Jesus, will try to see Him in those suffering around them. Young representatives will bear the WYD cross in a procession, and all will listen to the contemplation of the Way of the Cross. 
At each station, different problems dealt with by contermporary youth will be addressed.

At the end of the Way of the Cross, the Holy Father will deliver a short address.

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The most personal moment of the Main Events for the participants of World Youth Day is the Vigil with the Holy Father.

It is an intense and joyful ocassion in which the youth of the world gather for a time of prayer and encounter with Christ.  

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The last of the Main Events is the Final Mass celebrated by the Holy Father. It is a solemn summary of WYD – the culmination of all the meetings. During the Eucharist, the Pope sends the youth out to the whole world. This sending-out will strengthen them, so that they may consistently apply the theme of WYD to their daily lives.

The last Eucharist of WYD will be the culmination of this process. At the end of the Mass, during the Angelus, Pope Francis will announce the place and date of the next World Youth Day.


Give it a try!

This experience could change your life!